Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bridal Show Review-1/16/11

Just got back from the gym and I am tired! I decided to do my HIIT workout which kicks my butt everytime! But right now my goal is to get to the gym 3 days a week. I usually go Mondays after work also but between the blizzard and all the walking around at the bridal show on Sunday I was down for the count. Now time to talk about the bridal show:)

I have to say this was the largest bridal show I have ever been to. It took 3 hours to walk around and talk to the vendors that I still needs. But lets start from the beginning. Parking was $6 and that was not a good start to it. Things got better when the tickets were only $5. For this bridal show I was on a mission. I needed a few more CP idea's, transportation,cake ideas, caterer and photobooth. They didn't have a ton of CP idea's but the other they had more then more of. I did find one CP idea that I did like. My faithful birdal show buddy along with me, who is helping with the CP's, had me taking a few photos. Here they are:

I got the feeling that pictures were not something that I should be doing but like I said, mission. I also found a few cake ideas. My mom is making the cake but I need idea's on how I want it to look. I found a few idea's. I like the way the flowers are in this one:
But the best part of everything was I finally booked the photobooth!!! I can't even remember how many photobooths I looked into. I did a lot of research on this for sure. I do have a photo of some of the photobooth pictures:)

Overall, I found the bridal show really helpful. I got somje great information and will be contacting caterers this week.

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