Sunday, August 29, 2010

Double Post Sunday!

I am posting twice in one day and that can only mean one thing, I have homework to avoid:) I just though I would share so DIY I did for my FBIL wedding two weeks ago. All of the DIY is last minute but I liked the way that it came out. I made a Cardbox and added a little something to the cake serving set and the B&G glasses.
I am still trying to get this whole uploading photo's thing down. Hopefully, as the year of wedding planning moves on I will get better at this. Well, time to do my homework and then help Gerald with his:)


So a lot has changed since my last post. Gerald and I have decided to move the wedding back to Fall 2011. We are currently searching for a reception venue and once that is booked we will have a date. We saw a venue yesterday that I really like and is a great price! Plus it includes chairs and tables. I hope to get the venue nailed down in the next couple of weeks.

DRESS UPDATE!! I have bought the dress. I ordered the dress back in May and it came in, in August. I order the dress a size too small, so I hope that motivates me to loss all this extra weight. It has a corset back, so if something happens and I don't lose the weight it can be altered to fit me. The picture I have of the dress isn't my dress, because I haven't taken any pictures of me in it yet. Here is a picture of the sample I tried on:
The dress I ordered is in white, this one is ivory. I can't wait to try on the dress again in October. I am keeping it at my friends house right now since Gerald doesn't want to see it before the wedding.

Time for me to hit the gym. I am currently trying to go 4 times a week. I am also working on eating right. I think that I am doing pretty good and hopefully I will post some good, healthy recipes.