Thursday, September 23, 2010


It is now offical, we have are reception venue. You wouldn't believe how great it felt to sign the contract and send in the check for the whole thing! I felt a HUGE wait lifted off my back. The venue has a great location, in the center of Madison but far enough outside the city. It was a great price and table AND chairs are included. We are even able to get married outside in a beautiful courtyard if we would like:) Here are a few pictures of the venue, off of their website.

I love the patio that wraps around the back of the building. The reception space in on the second floor so we also get the whole patio. Also, it gives a space for the smokers to go. I will have to come up with a creative idea for that...
The past month has been pretty tough but I am finally feeling better and ready to get back to wedding planning and working out. We have a meeting with a wedding photographer in October and I can't wait to get that check done. Then it will be time for engagement photos!