Friday, February 12, 2010

..But I'm trying to lose weight

So over the past week I have been sick and wasn't able to get much done around the house because of this. My wonderful FI thought he would help me by buying some food this week. Well, all he bought was junk food. It is every where in the apt!! I can no longer stuff it all in on cupboard and act like it's not there. I did rather good at resisting the urge to eat it but I failed this morning. BIG FAIL! I know most of it was stress eating because I had to go back to work after having three days off...and I just don't like my job. Not only have I not been eating good but I haven't worked out in a week. It seems like I keep on finding excuses not to. My FI loves me the way I look but it's more then the weight for me, it's the health reasons too I want to get in better shape. So right now I am trying to accept the fact that I went against my diet and move on. Monday better watch out because I'm getting back into my workout hardcore. I would like to start sooner by I don't like working out in front of my FI. I will keep you posted on how it works.
470 days until I marry the sweetest man ever!!

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