Friday, March 12, 2010

How time does fly....

Sure has been awhile since my last post. School was kicking my butt and plus all the work stress I just didn't have time. A few things have changed. I joined a gym two weeks ago and it feels great to work out again. Sad thing is that three weeks ago I sprained my ankle and am not able to work out hard core:( But I have been going every other day and getting a work out in. My goal right now is to lose 15lbs, once I do that I am treating myself to a purse I have had my eye on for awhile. FI also joined the gym with me, he has yet to go and work out...LOL.
UPDATE on Venue...FI and I have been planning on getting married in this beautiful park that we both love. I called them last month to ask about making my reservation and I found out I am not able to do it until Jan 2011!!! FI has offered to camp out at the office to make sure we get our date. Wish us luck!
UPDATE on dress...I have found another dress that I have fallen madly in love with. I truly believe that this could be the one, of course I haven't tried it on yet. I plan on waiting until May to start trying on dresses.
Other then that not much has been going on, on the wedding front. Happy I still have over a year to plan and save! I do have a rather large to do list to tackle but that will be for another post...until then...

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