Monday, February 8, 2010

The biggest loser?

I know that many brides want to lose weight before their big day and I'm right there with them. But over the past few months this has been a challenge. I am not losing weight but gaining it. Since Gerald and I moved in together I have gained at least 20 pounds! This is only since October! I have finally stopped gaining weight but now I have to try to lose all that I have gained. My current weight is 212. I still can't believe that number. I have never been this heavy before so it's a shock for me. Of course my wonderful FI says that I'm beautiful and everything but I don't feel that way. So today was the first real day of me eating healthy. SO NOT THE BEST DAY TO START THAT! On my way to work I get a flat tire, which makes me late. I get to work and nothing seems to be working write and everyone is in a bad mood. But I am holding strong and not even looking at all the junk food I could eat. I need to be strong this time. The hardest part about this is all the junk food we have in the house. Gerald loves his fruit snacks and Little Debbie snacks too much for me to take them away. So I have decided to tape pictures of wedding gowns to the cupboard. I really hope that helps me some. I also am going to try to do the Wii fit and the 30-day shred five times a week. If I want to see results I'm going to have to start working harder for them. Right now my goal is to lose 7LBS by the end of February. Wish me luck!

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